Jinji Sadan

Roei Jinji Sadan with his bike Emona cycling around the world

About her

“Emuna” is the Hebrew word for “Faith” and I think that you got to have faith when you’re doing this kind of a journey.
She was born in England on April 2006, her mother was the Thorn company.
In a journey like this one, you need to have a simple, strong reliable partner.

Model – “Thorn Nomad”.


Made for For Long distances, heavily laden or expedition touring.
Colors-blue and white like the colors of my favorite flag.
27 gears (shimano xt)
36 spokes wheel
Xt v brake
Tyres-schwalbe xr marthon (the best!)

Weight-12.5kg (without equipment)

Its amazing where this bike got me…

Its not only a bike it’s a way of life!