Jinji Sadan

Roei Jinji Sadan with his bike Emona cycling around the world

About me

Name:   Roei “Jinji” Sadan
Born:     3.1.82   Made in Israel!!!
Height:  183cm (after stretching…)
Weight:  94-72  (it depends where I am and how hard and high is the cycling)
Favorite colors: blue and red.

-Like to dream with open eyes.

-Hobbies –mountain climbing, hiking, reading interesting books and cycling around the world…
-Number of the time that I saw death passing by in my life-5 (yet…)
-Think that the perfect meal is more about the people that sharing with you then the food.
-Years in the army: 3
-Think that what I am doing is simple and special. Crazy and normal.

-My favorite hotel: my tent, unlimited stars hotel…

-The record that I am most proud of-record holder of my school long distance running…
-One time got robbed
-2 times got hit by a car (not the same one…)
-Like to earn my rest.

-Thinks that friends are the most important thing in life
-The first journey after the army:  did a 900km hike a cross Israel (alone).
-You need to know yourself in your country before you’re going out to the big world.
-Spent more then a year in India and Nepal 7 months of them walking and climbing in the mountains of the Himalaya.
-The longest and the most extreme hike-42 days alone in east Nepal (kachanchunga north and south base camp plus Makalu base camp).
-Like to talk about nothing with my good friends.
-My father never been outside Israel…

-Spent 3 months learning how to climb mountain in an Indian army course in Darjeeling, India.

-Thought about this journey in the Himalaya.
-Never cycled before this journey (accepts as a kid cycling to school)
-I always fell off from the bike when I was a child…
-After coming back from the Himalaya bought a bicycle with my first salary and started training cross Israel, after 6 months knew that I want to cycle around the world.

-Lost 15 kg in the first 10 days of the journey in the Delton high way in Alaska, 800km of bad gravel and 2 places that I can get something to eat…
-Like climbing with the bike much more then descending.
-Don’t really care how I look but care what I am going to see…
-Kissed, the first (and last!) time, a Lady boy in Thailand when I was young and naïve (she looked very good…).
-Think that too much of adventurous life is not enough.
-Hate breaking up from the amazing people on the road.
-Got my beard pulled by a strange Mexican that said to me “you got nice bread” in California, maybe you know him his name in Santana.
-Swam with whales in Mexico, dove with the white shark in South Africa.
-Think that this journey is only the beginning…

-Favorite food-what ever my mom is cooking, she puts a special spice called love.
-Number of the times I went to the hospital during this journey-2
-1 time got bitten by a dog  (In the high Andys)
-The simplest recipe to a good day is to see the sun rise and the sun set in the same day. The best things in life are free!
-I am crazy but in my normal way.
-Missed my best friend wedding.
-Can look at maps for hours, it opens my imagination.
-I want to try every food in the world.
-1 time got my tent break on me in a wind storm in Patagonia.
-Think that bungee jump is cheep adrenalin-you only need to pay to do that.
But I really like it…
-“no sweet with out sweat!”
-The one place that I really want to be and earn-the top of Mount Everest, the top of the world!
-Wanna help people going out for there dreams.
-Found a leech and a tick socking my blood in the same crazy day.
-There is a limit for realty but there are no limits for a dream.
-My favourite child book- “The wizard of oz”.
-Think cycling is a kind of meditation. It keep me relaxed.

-Grow my bread till the end of this journey (or more…)
-Not afraid of dying – afraid of stop living.
-Think that a true compliment can change other people’s long day.
-I am on a mission; this is a journey not travelling. I am travelling when I am resting.