Jinji Sadan

Roei Jinji Sadan with his bike Emona cycling around the world

croosing the big land with a great friend

After the great desert crossing I had the privilege to meet my good friend mocha that came especially to the uluru (the amazing rock) in the middle of central Australia.

lets the ride begin

lets the ride begin

We talked about this ride for years and planned it for months and now the talking stooped and was time to action.

after an emotional meeting we started to ride from the airport in yulara to the amazing rock.

The first day past really quickly and we found a nice place to camp middle of nowhere only us with the view of the rock.

This place is THE most famous landscape in this continent and now I know why.

around uluru

around uluru

Like a beautiful women this place is amazing from every angle in any time she look amazing. Its nice to see that my eyes still excited from landscapes after almost 4 years in many places and together with mocha I had the time also to share it, we went to do a small tour around the rock and we felt really close to this mystical place.

the face on the rock

the face on the rock

We said “bye bye” to the rock and hello to the journey .

Mocha is a keen cyclists but nothing can prepare you for the real deal, the journey with weigh on your bike and sleeping in a tent in no where.

i don’t know how you did it in Africa!!!”mocha told me the second night.

long road...

long road...

tell you the truth it wasn’t a pretty ride after the rock, for days and days we cycled and saw nothing and nothing of a vast land, mocha knew that this ride will not be the most interesting ride in the world and to come here and complain about the empty of this place is like going to the Sahara desert and complain about the sun over there.

Our mood wasn’t that great on the ride but we knew how to laugh about everything and enjoying cooking together and laugh about the ride and the wind in our faces.

In one place we went to a camping ground and saw that its full of mouses that coming from everywhere, I took the bread (7$ bread- the cost of no where…) to my tent and we went to sleep, in the middle of the night mocha wake me up:”jinji, they eating your tent!” the mouses got to my tent and to my bread!!!

I wake up and saw my tent full of mouses so I open the tent and moved them away.. we lough about this moment and we went to sleep again.

After an hour of no sleep I felt small feet walking on me INSIDE my sleeping tent…

I don’t care how much I loved Micky mouse I wanted to kill this mouse and if we were back in Africa I will eat him for breakfast with eggs!!!

that’s was a night that you pray to the sun to come out and to finish this nightmare of mouses…

after the first week of nothing but emptiness mocha back start to be really hurting him and he had problems even to go back on the bike after resting.

I saw the pain in his face and even if he is a strong man I felt sorry for him, we needed to take a day rest to see what time will tell us and was happy to meet a cyclists that going the other way north,Kerry, that she is cycling for her graduation in Darwin , crossing the continent really fast, funny women that help mocha a lot with the hurting back and after a good massage in the tent he was ready to go with only small pains.

thank god for kerry

thank god for kerry

I was happy to be back with him to the road but he took the right chose to finish out journey when we got to the small city of cobber pedy where we were happy to see houses and supermarkets after almost 2 weeks.

For me every day in the journey is”another day in the office” but I need to remember that for most of the people its will be really hard life to cycle in my normal life. A hurting back, missing the amazing wife and the children was hard for him and also the nature wasn’t rewarding with a head wind that can get to your mind.

The emptiness will get to your mind.

I was happy to share with him my journey and to talk with him about the future I also learned that I need to improve my social skills and after you use to do things alone doing it with a friend is harder. I need to improve many things maybe I tough journey made me a tough person.

Now I am alone again getting ready to the next 2 weeks before I will get to Adelaide in the south coast of Australia and start to prepare one of the biggest challenges that I ever had: a blind women,Orly Tall, will come and we going to cycle together to the city of Melbourne for 2 weeks. Another story full of amazing moments I bet.

It was amazing time with him time of knowledge and wisdom but also time of digging in the mind with the challenges that I will have in the future.

At list I know that I have good friend to guide me.

happy for mocha that he is back to his home sweet home and will not sleep in a tent for a while…

we did it! we got to some where!!!

we did it! we got to some where!!!

Love you all

roei “jinji” sadan

cobber pedy

south Australia

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