Jinji Sadan

Roei Jinji Sadan with his bike Emona cycling around the world

if we will start complain…

The world is full of surprises and mama nature always give us a reminder how small we are is this world.
You can plan your life years and years and then an earthquake come to shake everything is your life.
Its weird to writ now on my journey, my challenges and dilemmas of my life when people lost there life 100km from me. Many people lost everything that they had, not having a shelter so how can write that I broke my wheel and need to change my tent???

if we will start to complain what the people with hard life will say?

So I will write some and always remember to put some perspective on life.

As you might know I am cycling with great guy Etamar from Israel and together we crossing new zealand. The last 2 weeks was easy, some good climbs and the landscape is always great. It doesn’t matter witch route you take her, you cant go wrong and everywhere that the bike will lead you it will be nice.

Green hills,farms and ship.
We crossed the “big” mountains(more hills) from the west coast to the east coast it the road was amazing, I start to remember the rout #1 in California when we cycled next to the ocean in one side and hills on the other.
The sound (and smell ) of the seals that climbing on the rocks are something that give you smiles on the road.

I am really enjoying Etamar and we have good time, camping and cooking amazing dishes in the wild. Nature is amazing spice to the food and every meal in the wild is much more better then the same dish in the kitchen.

My mom will not believe what I can cook and to think that 3 years ago I eat most of the times instant noodles…
but its all about learning and developing as a human being and as an adventurer.

We were scheduled to be in the city of Christchurch on our way but my schedule in the last part of the journey its not that flexible and I decided to skip it.
When I just got to 57000km on the journey I sound (and felt) a bad sound from the whelk,Bike problems are part of the journey but I don’t like to break the hub of the wheel because its mean that I need to find a someone that he could built a new wheel with my old rim so I thought maybe to get to caristruch because its big but I could push myself and the wheel another 200km and to do that I wellington.

We were 120km from where the earthquake happened and we didn’t feel something.
No buildings were we have been and I found out after I open my phone and heard the messages from my friends in new zealand.
I don’t want to think what have happen if I took the short way and the easy way…
it always better to cycle then standing in the place.

We finished the south island in new zealand and were happy to take the ferry to the city of wellington and to start the north island.

finish the south island!

In wellington I suppose to have meeting with the mayor and to work with the embassy but the earthquake changed everything and they have bigger things then me.
6 days after the quake and there is many people still missing and its not look good.
In wellington I meet my friend, Susana, a girl the I meet 2 and half years ago in Peru and we said that one day we will meet again.

with susan, its small world after all

with susan, "its small world after all"

I was late in 2 months but she understood the circumstances… she took me and Eta to meet her friends and we had amazing weekend on the coast, full of good music and good loughs with the locals.
Its always better to see a place from the eye of the local then through they eye of the “tourist”
we had amazing time and we might see each other one day, its a small world after all.

And about the broken wheel I fixed it, I just hope its the last one that I changing…
it cost me 300$ (NZ) and its all about the money her.
Its an expensive place and I feel the “hardens ” of new zeland in my wallet then in my mind or my legs.
We will try to make it a little more challenging in the future maybe in the small island in Australia.

Look at me I am complaining that I needed more challenge when I just finish half of an amazing country. And believe me that in one week her on a bike you get enough challenges for a years for the “normal” person.

“if we will complain what the people with hard life will say?”

hope to that we will hear only good news and thank you for the concern of my health.
Love you all

Roei “JINJI” Sadan
the north island
new zealand

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