Jinji Sadan

Roei Jinji Sadan with his bike Emona cycling around the world

Melbourne -a city with friends to remember

Some times its better to write on the time with good friends when you are alone again, to write on a warm and dry time when you are cold and dump.
I am seating now on a hay barn sheltered from the rain, I got here yesterday and a local farmer invited me to to stay and sleep on the barn so I felt that this is the right time to write on my time in the amazing city of Melbourne, this city got everything that you want and need:clean streets,good coffee, green parks and beautiful girls… but on top of all this I got many good friends that showed me around and was a part of my “big city work”-presentation in schools and meeting with people and media.
I was so busy with all of that that sometimes I wished to go back to Emuna (my bike) and to cross another desert, at list over there I will have some quite…
I meet friends that I know for years and friends that will stay with me all the way to a good future and thanks to them I took a part in important invites such as a 5 years that an Israeli solider ,Gilad Shalit, is in holding in captivity some where in Gaza with not so much info about his health.

I talked a little on the feeling to be out in the world in the last 4 years enjoying my freedom when in the other place on the scale you got Gilad that have no freedom at all.
I wished that we will not mention this day again and that Gilad will go back to his family and home.
I joined the macabi cycling group and we had and a welcome ride to the city.



The Jewish community in Melbourne gave me a warm hosting and I felt like in home.
I also went to a visit in the Victorian parliament house and talk with some nice politicians about my journey.
It was really interesting to be on my bicycle inside the parliament house and its always amazed me to see where this bike(emuna) is leading me.

with the parliment friends

with the parliment friends

Thanks to Andy Glid I meet an a reporter from the newspaper THE AGE and had nice article about my journey, the reporter asked me some question that I never been asked before like:”how can you bring a message of peace when you were shooting at civilians when you were in the Israeli army?”
I was little shocked but I knew how to answer well and not getting to the corner the I will not know how to get out of it.
A day latter we a really crazy media day: the world news in Australia TV, 3 different radio and also meeting with students… I was so busy running around the city with my good friend Shane Glid that thanks to him everything was on schedule and we had really industrial time.

a victory beer with Shane

a victory beer with Shane

With all of this running around we had also important talks about my future and how I will to “use” this journey to help others to dream and also how to make a living from that.
“you are almost 30 now”Shane told me “you have all the world in your hands you just need to know how you want to use it in the future” , we shared ideas to the future and we will see what will be next, I don’t know what exactly I will do but I know for sure that its going to be interesting.

I was happy to talk in 4 schools and shared my dream with the students and after a week in the city people recognized me in the streets and came to wish me good luck and to say “good on you mate” as the Australians says.
One meeting was very special for me I was invited to talk to a holocaust survives and they really enjoyed my movies from the journey. It was important to remember my past if I want to look at the future.
This people are over 80 years old and saw many things in there life and I was happy to show them something that they never saw before.
When I left they came to give me a hug and told me “you are a good Jewish boy”


I will remember the good time in Melbourne with my friends and I want tot hank them :Shane and Andy gild, Jane rapke and emily gian  from the Zionist council of Victoria, mocha and vered ishay,halely and Sharon kimchi ,zeev and sari aisen , Dana bar zuri and many more good people that helped me and gave me a feeling of home before the last leg of my world journey.
This people took me back to my past but also pushed me to the future.
When this rain will stop I will continue to my last 1000km to Sydney.

so close I cant believe it.

Roei “jinji” Sadan
the world

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