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Roei Jinji Sadan with his bike Emona cycling around the world

its not the destination its the journey

     Posted on Sat ,13/08/2011 by Roei Sadan

Wow , to think how many changes I had in the last few weeks in Australia. Many people, landscapes and emotions that I had in my mind and some I need to remember while I am writing and looking at the photos that I took on my way to the opera house, a place that always been in my mind ans soon we going to meet ,finally.

I was happy that I was alone and with locals that I can enjoy there true hospitality for a friend that become a friend for life after couple of hours. When I look but on my 4 months journey crossing this big continent I didn’t had this opportunity to meet the real locals:the first 4000km were in the middle of the desert so no many people around and in the last 1000km I cycled with orli(a blind cyclists) so I wasn’t open for others people but now at last its me alone WITH the world.

It was a pretty place to cycle from Melbourne to Sydney on the coast(more or less), the weather was bad and rainy in the first week but I could find a shelter at farmers hay shacks so it was OK and who cares to be dump when you heart is warm and dry?

The road was next to the ocean with amazing birds and parrots every where like they know to sing with me my last songs of this journey.

A day before I got to Sydney I had an amazing moment:

I cycled in a little town on the oceans when I noticed someone is honking from his car and asking me to stop one second, he waved his hands in a way that I can understand that he wants to tell me something important so I stooped in the next fuel station and this guy parked his car and came to meet me.

“do you remember me?” he talked in a way that he cant believe that we meet again.

anet and gary

anet and gary

It took me 3 seconds to understand this moment and I remember that I meet this guy and his wife in Georgia more then a year and a half ago, they were cycling the other direction and we meet in a nice hostel In the capital city Tbilisi…. and I meet again Gary and Ante!!!

actually Gary send me a mail a year ago to tell me that I am welcome to meet them again if I will cycle next to there house on my way to Sydney I replay to thank him but I really forgot to use this invitation…

“what is the odds ?” Gary asked me when I just shook my head in a way that I cant believe whats going on.

“we meet twice in your world journey. Once in a crazy place 18000km from here and now on my town and this both meeting weren’t scheduled meeting only luck?”

“ this is one of the moments that you cant explain and only say its from above and thank you very much for this”.

I could not stay long time because I had a presentation in a school in Sydney but I could go to meet ante and to have a good coffee in there amazing house on the ocean.

I promised to meet them again and I took a train to visit them before I left Australia.

And now for the last day to Sydney :

it was a good day and I will not forget when I saw the sign to the city of Sydney.

The truth is that it weird to accomplish this kind of a huge journey and for a short moment I felt like I am the king of the world but instead of a horse and a throne I got my bike(emuna) and my helmet.

I had a great week in Sydney meeting good friends and talked with children.

Some of the school don’t really know what I am bringing to the children with my stories and message and after the see the first movie they cant believe what I just did.

After a presentation the kids like to come to take a photos with me, a one more question or one more hug before I go.

In my staying I learned that some of people will want to use my journey because they want there photo to be in the local newspaper that I don’t really care and I learned from that.

I want to thank all my friends in Sydney: mirit,ofer,anat and yoni that helped me,host me and show me this amazing city .

Now I am already in Thailand resting before flying to Jordan and cycle to Israel .

Last memory from the the last day in the world journey:

When I was in the one of the amazing view point of the city I looked and the opera house and the harbor bridge , what an amazing place to be in the end of my journey.

It will be hard to explain whats going on in my mind and maybe you just need to look at the world map and start to imagine whats going on in my head.

65000km,42 countries, 4 years one dream and storied from here to Alaska.

When I got to the opera house , to my “destination”,my “goal” I learned again something that I always told myself in the journey.

Its not the destination its the journey that matter the most.

The journey is the destination.


Roei “jinji” Sadan

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the world

finish the world journey!

     Posted on Fri ,29/07/2011 by Roei Sadan

I cant hold this tears of achievement, I got to the opera house in Sydney.
I crossed the planet on my bicycle and i don’t know what is more amazing : the feeling that i just did orthe feeling that i could do that again.

promise to write more about this amazing day soon.will start my way back home soon.
” the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes to make it reality.” – T.E. Lawrence