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Inspirational speaker

Sun ,20/05/2012

since i finished my journey i am quite busy doing motivational talks to the leading companies in Israel and to an educational institutions.

my new challenge in life is to bring my world journey to the world.

info about my talks:

The unbelievable story of Roei Sadan who cycled around the world.

A voyage lasting 4 years and 2 months – crossing 6 continents, 42 countries and 66,000 kilometers of self-fulfillment and self-realization.

The main objective of his lecture is the power of one decision and the physical and mental preparation for this unbelievable voyage.


The amazing and diverse stories that only a person who cycled around the world with the strength of will and faith can tell – humane stories that we all encounter in the journey of our own lives.

Roei talks about survival in the most extreme conditions that our world can offer, what made him dream with open eyes and cycle around the world, what equipment he took and to where he cycled.


During his voyage Roei went through almost everything: armed robbery, a car collision, malaria that almost killed him in Africa, soldiers pointing their weapons at him and even falling in love…

He crossed huge deserts, the highest mountain ranges the world has to offer with 60 kilos of equipment, food and water on long days without a companion or another soul by his side.

He went through these adventures with a smile and an understanding that it was all part of a bigger journey and the pain was just growing pains.

Alone but not lonely.


This is the biggest voyage ever undertaken by an Israeli.

The journey was covered by the media around the world and of course by the Israeli media as well.

Through pictures, video clips and maps, Roei takes the audience into his own world and opens their mind and hearts to  a different way of living that gives inspiration to all those hearing about his voyage, inspiration that will not be soon forgotten.


In today’s world, which is made of reality tv and instant pleasure, Roei brings his hard work with a smile and prepares us all for the journey of our lives through his eyes…

for more inquiry and booking please send me an e mail to:



to do something that is bigger then me or you

Fri ,10/06/2011

Its been crazy 2 weeks, not moving with the bike but my mind feel very busy.

Preparing my self and the right “ground” for Orly, the blind lady that is joining me in the next 2 weeks on a tandem bike with an escort car. A friend that volunteer to help us on the escort car canceled his joining 2 weeks before the arrival of Orly and I needed to push myself and see how we going to do that.

In the last 3 months I counted on him and 2 weeks before he got cold feet cant deal with big project and from the lemons in life I will try to make a good lemonade.

At list I was in a good place with amazing friends around me.

great time with omri and jacky

great time with omri and jacky

In the city of Adelaide I had one of the most happiest  meeting in my journey, a good friend,omri, from the army time is working here toghter with his wife,adi,and hid brother,Jacky, live here and invited me (6 months ago) to be a part of the family as long as I needed.

We didn’t talk too much in the last 10years but we always knew whats going on with each other and between good friends from the army or the childhood friends there is a bond that its hard to descarivedbut you can imagine.

After dealing with long deserts ,bad weather and lonely moments I forgot how is it to feel “like home” that I got friends around me all the day and we can lough about the past, the future and the present.

adi making good food for all the family... thank you!

adi making good food for all the family... thank you!

I am not used to be in one place for a long time but I had amazing friends that understand my needs and know that my mind work in a different way.

good to have you here in this world my good friend

good to have you here in this world my good friend

The food was great and we had really great time together and I was so happy to have them in this time of the journey because I earn this meeting and it also push me for the future.

In Adelaide I meet the small and warm Jewish community in the city and they help me as much as they can with the big project that we about to do.

When you need help you see how great people can be.

meeting with the kids in the Jewish school

meeting with the kids in the Jewish school

People that don’t know Orly came to my presentation and helped as with money that we need in order to make this kind of a project.

A friend of Orly from Israel,asaf, will join us and its great because he knows her and her needs but its more money that coming from Orly pocket and I try to help as much as I can.



Daphne,an Israeli that working with the Jewish community her helped me a lot with her I knew that everything will be OK.

Actually I don’t have time to write you more about this weeks because Orly landed and tomorrow we start to cycle the great ocean road -1200 km from Adelaide to Melbourne where many people will join us in this amazing moments.

Wow, cycling with a blind lady for 2 weeks! Its going to be huge adventure and I hope that Orly will also dream with my open eyes.

I want to thank to jack,Omri and Adi alpron. Daphne lapidot and all the Jewish and the Israeli community in the city of Adelaide that help me to prepared to this project.

I will not forget it.

Blind project will start tomorrow! and pleas we need more help and if you can contribute to this amazing message pleas drop me a line in jinjiaroundtheworld@gmail.com

we will not  forget it!


Roei and orly

around the world