Jinji Sadan

Roei Jinji Sadan with his bike Emona cycling around the world

The Idea

The idea of going for a long journey to cycle around the whole world, is not just for the sake of being in challenging places – its about cycling into the world.

This is the biggest journey that has ever been done by an Israeli.
I believe that everyone has or had dreamt of some remote places, perhaps a physical places or maybe more of a spiritual ones.


I just want to do as much as I can to dream with my eyes open.
A good journey becomes a great one when other people feel a part of it and it doesn’t matter if they are thousands of kilometers away from you.
Most of the people had used a bicycle in some point of there life so I think that they can have a some perspectives about my and our journey.  Sometimes I feel that people don’t understand what I am doing when they ask me “how much time are you traveling?”

I want to tell the story of my journey and what I experience through it in a realistic and simple way, as much as I can, to give you the good times and the bad times;  This is my way to give something to the world after all the things it brought me.
In my journey there are no shortcuts, no taking buses and flying only when I don’t have any other choice.

I think that in a life there are no shortcuts to a place that’s worth going to.
Cycling is the best way to see the world; you feel a part of the road.
No noise of a machine
You can hear the locals shouting “hello” from the side of the road.
No glass separating between me and the road.
Not too fast for me to stop when you see some place that look interesting and not too slow too feel that I’m always moving.
Being alone but not feeling lonely, always making contact with the locals and learning from them.
There are many things that we don’t know about our neighbours in the world and some things that look normal to us (electricity, running water and more) are not so normal to others.
To try and learn from others I think that I can learn from everyone from the simplest farmer in the Andes Mountains or in Africa to ambassadors of my country.
If it’s drinking a good beer or having a good talk with a person I am always trying to think about the time and the places in my life in two ways-or I earn it by hard work or it going to approve me as a human been.
Some things (like this journey) it’s both of them-I feel that I earn it and also it proving me as a human being.
It about comparing the way of  life in different places, to see that you can have a simple life and eating basics food (potatoes and rice) all your life but to feel happy poor and rich at the same time.
To see other cultures of the world and to learn from them.
To have friends from places that I didn’t know that they existed before I started my journey.

To see how strong a big mama nature can be, to know that you can fight with your mind but you can’t fight with the nature .snow storms, sand storm, ice and sand. Cold and hot weather will not stop me maybe it will only delay me.
To enjoy and always put on a smile even if it’s lonely or hard, it’s OK and human to feel weak sometimes.
To know that even that I will not finish my journey I will thank you for this world and go back to my loving family and friends.
My goal is the journey; it’s to know yourself while you try to know the world and the people that lives here.
It’s not only the numbers of the kilometers or days that I cycled it’s about the places that I am going to.
It’s not “how much?” its “where?”
I think that a bicycle is a good device or a tool to enter other and my heart.
It’s to learn from your mistakes and feel that ok to make some of them.
It is about going every day to a place that I have never been to countries and places that I have red about them in books or in the Internet.
It’s about not knowing where you are going to sleep or who you are going to meet.
To try to know the unknown.
It’s about me it’s about Emuna (my bike) it’s about waking up and start to dream.